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Commemorative Plaques for the

Centenary of Hôtel-Dieu, Saint-Basile, N.B.


ph_1703 Plaque du centenaire

Centenary of Hôtel-Dieu St. Joseph, Saint-Basile, N.B., 1973

Hommage aux RHSJ, fondatrices de l'Hôtel-Dieu d'Edmundston

Tribute to the RHSJ of Saint-Basile, founders of Edmundston Hôtel-Dieu.  




















Monument in tribute to the

Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph


Hommage aux Religieuses Hospitalières en 1986, par les  paroissiens de Saint-Basile, N.-B.

Monument erected by the parish of Saint-Basile, N.B., in 1986

monument soeur Maillet et Religieuses Hospitalières de Saint-Basile. 1986.

Tribute to Sr. Maillet and the Hospitallers of Saint-Basile

To commemorate the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph at La Flèche in France, the parishoners of Saint-Basile erected a stone monument on the left side of the Hôtel-Dieu, in 1986

A special tribute is rendered to one of the foundresses, Sister Maillet, whose profile done by the sculptor Claude Thériault appears in medallion.







Hôtel-Dieu St. Joseph, Provincial Heritage Place

lieu historique provincial

In 2000, Hôtel-Dieu St. Joseph in Saint-Basile was first recognized as Provincial Historic Site by the province of New Brunswick because of its interesting architecture.

The designation was modified in 2011 and Hôtel-Dieu became a Provincial Heritage Place



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