Hotel Clair House (am_2076)


According to Peter and Marielle Clair, this hotel was built in 1898 by Thomas Clair. His son James, then twelve years old, helped his father. The exterior of the building was covered with pine boards from Columbia and the roof with shingles. Two furnaces which supplied the heat and electricity were installed, but water was pumped from a well in the basement. The hotel had eighteen rooms and two bathrooms. On the first floor there was the kitchen, dining room and a lounge with a piano. Paying cards was a favourite pastime. The Clair House became the property of Isidore Albert in 1911, then of Roland Albert and his wife in 1933 and, finally, of Éva Albert in 1945. The subsequent buyer, Willie Pinette named it Riverview Inn. The municipality bought it in 1973 and tore it down three years later to build the Municipal Building. Photo around 1910. PC3-153, collection CDEM, ShM.