James T. Clair’s store (am_72)


In 1911, James Clair (1886-1964) married Annie Sirois (1887-1967), a teacher hired as a cook at the lumber camp of Thomas Clair. They moved to the Canadian West but returned in 1917 and took over the store and wood business. The second from the right is John Clair (married to Georgina O’Brien). There also are Emily Savage (sister of James), Charles-Eugène Levasseur (raised by Thomas Levasseur), Albany Lang, Nelley Moris and two Grey Nuns of which one is Éleonore Clair, daughter of Thomas, who later founded an Home for the elderly at Baker Brook. James T. Clair was a member of the Madawaska County Council from 1932 to 1940. Photo taken around 1914.